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Due to high school closures and changes in how UW courses are being taught, UWHS is reviewing course contingency plans with all high schools offering UW courses. For information on the status of UW courses they are enrolled in, students should contact their high school.


Courses offered through UW in the High School are official UW courses. They’re listed in the UW course catalog and follow the same curriculum as the course taught on the UW campus. Each course is sponsored by a UW department, which oversees the curriculum and teacher training and support.

Credit earned through a UW course can give students a head start on their college career. If you plan to attend the UW, the credits you earn count toward general education or other requirements. If you plan to go to another institution, the credits are transferable to many other colleges and universities across the United States. Learn more about credits.

Course Options

UWHS offers about 30 courses in a range of subjects, from calculus and computer science to writing, global health and French. Course availability varies by high school; check with your counselor to see which courses are offered at your school.

For more information about each course, including any prerequisites, click on a course title below.

Computer Science 

Humanities & Social Sciences



World Languages