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UW in the High School


Whether you plan to attend the UW or another college or university, credits earned through UWHS can help you get a jump-start on earning your college degree.

If you plan to attend another college or university, you will need to follow the process described below.

If you plan to attend UW, any credits earned through UWHS will automatically appear on your UW transcript and as part of your GPA. You can find more information about UW admissions and answers to other frequently asked questions below.

Transferring Credit to Other Colleges & Universities

The UW credits earned through UWHS transfer successfully to many other colleges and universities, both public and private, in the state of Washington and around the country. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Studies and surveys consistently indicate that most students can successfully transfer credits earned through UWHS.
  • However, some colleges and universities do not grant transfer credit for UW courses taken through UWHS. In addition, credit transfer success may depend on additional factors (e.g., grade, specific course).
  • Before registering for UW credit, you may want to contact your prospective colleges to confirm whether credits earned through UWHS can transfer to those colleges.
  • If you're considering public colleges and universities in Washington state, you can use this course equivalency reference tool to see how UW credits earned through UWHS would transfer.
    • To use the tool, scroll down until you see "UWS" in column B, find your specific UWHS course(s) in column A, and follow the line across to the institution(s) you are interested in attending. You can visit the “Institutional Legends” tab to learn more about the different abbreviations.
  • To transfer your UW credits once you are enrolled in college, you will need to request to have an official UW transcript sent to the college or university you’ll be attending.

National Database of Credit Transfer

The University of Connecticut’s Credit Transfer Database is a resource if you want to explore potential transfer of credit earned through programs like UWHS. The database is in no way an official determination nor a guarantee of successful credit transfer. To find out whether credits will transfer to a certain college or university, contact that institution directly.

UW Admissions

Students earning UW credit through UWHS do not have a specific admission advantage. Courses taken through UWHS are weighted equally with Advanced Placement, Running Start, International Baccalaureate, and other "college in the high school" courses. All of these options for earning college credit in high school are viewed as equal demonstration of a student’s ability to successfully engage in university-level coursework.

For more information on UW's perspective on college-level coursework, visit the Office of Admissions.

Fulfilling UW Degree Requirements

If you’re thinking of applying to the UW, taking courses through UWHS is one way to demonstrate your ability to successfully engage in college-level coursework. UW Admissions looks for applicants who have done rigorous coursework in high school, and it considers courses taken through UWHS equally alongside other accelerated learning options such as Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses. Learn more about UW freshman admissions.

Once you’re a UW student, courses taken through UWHS can be used to fulfill general education requirements. All courses taken through UWHS appear on your official UW transcript.

Course Number Number of Credits General Education Requirements
ASTR 101 5 Natural Sciences; Reasoning
ASTR 150 5 Natural Sciences; Reasoning
ATM S 111 5 Natural Sciences; Social Sciences
BIOL 100 5 Natural Sciences
BIOL 118 5 Natural Sciences
BIOL 119 1 Natural Sciences
CHEM 110 3 (no lab) or
5 (with lab)
Natural Sciences
CHIN 103 5 Foreign Language 
C LIT 240 5 English Composition; Additional Writing
CSE 121 4 Reasoning; Natural Sciences
CSE 143 5 Reasoning; Natural Sciences
CSE 163 4 Reasoning
CSE 180 4 Reasoning
ENGL 111 5 English Composition; Additional Writing
ENGL 131 5 English Composition; Additional Writing
ESRM 101 5 Natural Sciences; Social Sciences
ESRM 150 5 Natural Sciences; Social Sciences
FRENCH 103 5 Foreign Language 
FRENCH 201 5 Arts & Humanities 
GERMAN 103 5 Foreign Language
GERMAN 201 5 Arts & Humanities
G H 101 5 Social Sciences
JAPAN 103 5 Foreign Language
JAPAN 201 5 Arts & Humanities
LATIN 103 5 Foreign Language; Arts & Humanities
LATIN 305 5 Foreign Language; Arts & Humanities
LATIN 307 5 Foreign Language; Arts & Humanities
MATH 120 5 Natural Sciences; Reasoning
MATH 124 5 Natural Sciences; Reasoning
MATH 125 5 Natural Sciences
PSYCH 101 5 Social Sciences
SPAN 103 5 Foreign Language 
SPAN 201 5 Arts & Humanities

Class Standing

Entering freshman students with UW credits register just as any other freshman student, regardless of how many UW credits they already have. In other words, there is no registration priority for students who previously took credits through UWHS. 

Students entering UW with a large number of credits earned in high school through UWHS, Advanced Placement, and other sources do not have to declare a major until they have completed 5 quarters at UW. 

Financial Aid

Students attending UW are eligible for financial aid for up to 210 attempted credits. Any college credits a student previously earned through the UWHS program, Advanced Placement, Running Start, and other sources count towards this total number of attempted credits. For additional information, students can contact the UW Office of Student Financial Aid at (206) 543-6101 or

Students considering other colleges and universities should always check directly with the college’s admissions, financial aid and scholarship offices if they have questions about the effect of College in the High School on their student aid or scholarship packages.