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Due to high school closures and changes in how UW courses are being taught, UWHS is reviewing course contingency plans with all high schools offering UW courses. For information on the status of UW courses they are enrolled in, students should contact their high school.

Grades & Transcripts

UW courses offered through UWHS are graded according to the same standards as used for those courses on campus. Your final grade for a course is permanent. It’s calculated into your cumulative UW GPA and appears on your official UW transcript.

You will earn both a high school and college grade for the course. These grades may be different as your instructor may have different expectations and grading criteria for the college grade.

UW Grading System

The UW uses a numerical grading system. Instructors can report grades from 4.0 to 0.7 in 0.1 increments and the grade 0.0.

In general, for credits to fulfill degree requirements at UW or be considered for transfer to another college or university, you must earn at least a 2.0 in the course. More than 90 percent of students earn a grade of 2.0 or higher on UW courses taken through UWHS. 

The numerical grades are equivalent to these letter grades.

A 4.0-3.9 B- 2.8-2.5 D+ 1.4-1.2
A- 3.8-3.5 C+ 2.4-2.2 D 1.1-0.9
B+ 3.4-3.2 C 2.1-1.9 D- 0.8-0.7*
B 3.1-2.9 C- 1.8-1.5 E 0.0**

* Lowest passing grade.

** Academic failure. No credit earned.

Pass/Fail Grading

Recent guidance from the UW Provost has confirmed that pass/fail-graded UW credits for UW courses in high schools this year will be accepted for course prerequisites, entry into UW degree programs and UW graduation requirements. Pass/Fail grading includes both Credit/No Credit and Satisfactory/Not-Satisfactory Grading.

Note that this policy update pertains to UW undergraduate programs, and so only applies to students who eventually attend UW; this may not have any direct bearing on how other colleges and universities transfer in or apply UW credits with grades of CR or S that students attempt to transfer.

Credit/No Credit

Because of school closures this winter and spring, all UWHS teachers were given the option to switch their grading from numeric 4.0 grading to Credit (CR)/ No Credit (NC) for their UW course(s) in 2019-20. If the teacher selects this CR/NC grading, all students registered for UW credit are awarded either a CR or NC on their UW transcript. Students should confirm grading options with their UWHS teacher. This CR/NC grading option is only in place for 2019-20. Note:  CHEM 110 Introduction to Chemistry is the only UW course offered through UWHS that is always graded CR/NC, whether taken through UWHS or on campus.  

Satisfactory/Not-Satisfactory Grading Option

Students may elect to take a UWHS course on a satisfactory/not-satisfactory (S/NS) basis. A grade of 2.0 or above is converted to an “S” on your transcript, and a grade of less than 2.0 is converted to an “NS.” While S/NS graded credits typically can only be counted as elective credit, a UW policy update now permits year-long and second semester courses taken during the 2019–20 academic year that are converted to a “S” on a student transcript can be counted towards general education requirements as well. UWHS students can request a change to S/NS back to numerical if needed. If a student does not attend the UW they will need to contact their college/university admission office regarding their policies.

To request the S/NS grading option, email the UWHS office at with the student name, student id number, course title and course registration number.

Academic Honesty

Students registered for UW credit through UWHS are expected to adhere to the University's standards of academic honesty. This requires that students clarify assignments and procedures with their teachers, study diligently and seek help when they need it. Any suspected misconduct will be determined in collaboration with the appropriate UW academic unit and high school.

Learn more about academic misconduct on UW’s Undergraduate Advising site.

Getting Your Grades

There are three ways you can access your final UW grades. If you set up a UW NetID, you can view your grades online through MyUW; you can order an official transcript; or you can check with your teacher. UW does not mail grades to students.

Your final grade isn’t recorded on your UW transcript until the teacher submits it to the UW after the course ends. Until that time, you’ll see an “X” after the course title on your transcript. This is just a placeholder until the final grade is recorded.

Ordering Transcripts

All UW grades and credits are recorded on your official UW transcript. If you set up a UW NetID, you can view your unofficial transcript online at no charge through MyUW. You can also order an official UW transcript online through MyUW or by returning a Transcript Request Form by mail or in-person. There is a $11 fee for each transcript copy.

For more information, see How to Order Your University of Washington Transcript.

FERPA Protection

Final UW grades are protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The UWHS office does not provide grade information to students or parents/guardians. Additionally, under FERPA guidelines, the high school teacher can’t share final UW grades with parents or guardians. Parents or guardians are encouraged to speak with their student regarding the final grade earned in the course.