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Computer Science

Course Offerings

CSE 121: Introduction to Computer Programming I

UW credits: 4

Introduction to computer programming for students without previous programming experience. Students write programs to express algorithmic thinking and solve computational problems motivated by modern societal and scientific needs. Includes procedural programming constructs (methods), control structures (loops, conditionals) and standard data types, including arrays.

CSE 163: Intermediate Data Programming

UW credits: 4

This course focuses on writing programs that manipulate different types of data, leveraging the growing ecosystem of tools and libraries for data programming, writing programs that are both efficient and elegant, and writing medium-scale programs (100 to 200 lines).

Prerequisite: Completion of UW CSE 142 or 143 or Advanced Placement Computer Science A course

CSE 180: Introduction to Data Science

UW credits: 4

This survey course introduces the essential elements of data science: data collection, management, curation and cleaning; data summarization and visualization; and basic ideas of statistical inference and machine learning. Students will gain hands-on experience through computing labs.

Note: This course is offered on the UW campus by three different academic units, and so the course abbreviation varies between CSE 180, INFO 180 and STAT 180. The UWHS program will offer the course as CSE 180.

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