After Your Course FAQs

Congratulations! Now that you’ve completed, or nearly completed, a UW course through UW in the High School (UWHS), you might have questions about what to do next. We'll help you make a plan and show you how to access your grades, share information about your coursework on college applications and transfer your UW credits to another college or university.

How do I access my final UW course grade?

Once your UW course is over, access your final UW grade by viewing your unofficial transcript (or academic record) online.

Your final grade is not recorded on your UW transcript until your teacher submits it to the UW. Until that time, your transcript will show an “X” for the final course grade, which is just a placeholder until the final grade is recorded.

I'm graduating high school and attending the UW this fall. How do I send my transcript to the UW?

You’re all set! Your UW coursework through UWHS is already a part of your UW record. Your grade and credits are on your UW transcript and will count toward UW graduation requirements.

I'm graduating and attending another college or university in the fall. How do I send my transcript to that institution?

You’ll need to request a transfer of your UW credits to your college or university. This requires you to have an official UW transcript sent. Official transcripts can only be ordered online. Be sure that your UW grade has been posted before requesting your transcript.

What if I'm applying for admission to college at a future date?

Keep track of your UW course information. Knowing which UW courses you’ve completed and your final UW grades will make it easier to complete college applications, which usually require you to list previous college coursework. 

What if my UW grade is low?

If you are concerned about receiving a low grade in your UW course, you have the option to withdraw from the course. This means you will no longer be enrolled in the course, and no grade or credits will appear on your UW transcript. There are no refunds for withdrawing from a course. Make sure you submit your withdrawal request by the appropriate deadline

You also have the option of changing your UW grade from numeric to satisfactory, which will not count in your UW grade point average.