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UW in the High School

After Your Course FAQs

Congratulations! You’ve completed, or nearly completed, a UW course through UW in the High School (UWHS). That's a great achievement and will pay off in the future! Here's what's next.

Check your final UW course grade

View your final UW grade by accessing your unofficial UW transcript (academic record) through your MyUW student account, using your UW NetID. Note that your final grade is not recorded on your UW transcript until your teacher submits it, which may be a few weeks after the course is over. Until then, an “X” will be listed on the transcript.

If your UW grade is low

If you are concerned about receiving a low or failing grade and your UW course has not yet ended, you have a couple of options. If you expect your UW grade to be at least a 2.0, you may change your numeric grade to Satisfactory, which would not count in your UW GPA. You can also drop the course, which means you would no longer be enrolled in the UW course and no grades or credits would appear on your UW transcript.

If you are graduating and attending UW next year

You’re all set! Your grade and credits in the course are already on your UW transcript and will count toward your UW GPA and UW graduation requirements.

If you're graduating and attending another college or university next year

You’ll need to request transfer of your UW credits to your college or university by ordering your official UW transcript and having it sent to your college or university directly. Official transcripts are ordered online. Be sure that your UW grade has been posted before requesting your official transcript.

If you have questions about the effect of taking a UW course in high school on your student aid or scholarship packages

Check directly with your college’s admissions, financial aid and scholarship offices.

If you are applying for admission to college in the future

Keep track of your UW course information, including the UW course syllabus your teacher shared at the beginning of the course. You’ll want to share which courses you have taken, along with your final UW grade, on your college applications. Your high school grade and the name of the course you have taken also appears on your high school transcript.

Note on your education records

Please review the UW notice regarding the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which affords eligible students certain rights with respect to their education records.