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After You Register

Registration Confirmation

After you register for a UW course through UWHS, Registration Services will email you a transaction summary. This form confirms your enrollment and serves as a receipt for payment. If this is your first time registering for a UW course, you’ll also receive an additional email containing your UW Student ID number and Private Access Code (PAC). These two numbers are needed to establish your UW NetID.

Creating a UW NetID

A UW NetID gives you access to a variety of online services at UW. UWHS students mainly use their NetID to view their final UW grades or order transcripts through MyUW or to access the UW Libraries system. Creating a UW NetID is highly recommended for access to your UW grade and transcript, as well as resources such as the UW library. Once established, a student's UW NetID is permanent.

To create a UW NetID or retrieve a previously established one, visit the Get Your UW NetID page, and have your UW Student ID number and PAC handy. If you misplaced your Student number or PAC, contact Registration Services at (206) 543-2310 or to request that the information be re-sent.

Student Learning Services

Husky Card

Students registered for UW credit can obtain a Husky Card, which is the official identification card for members of the UW community. A Husky Card can be obtained by visiting the Husky Card Account & ID Center, located on the ground floor of the Odegaard Undergraduate Library. Students will need to provide their UW Student ID Number and photo identification (high school photo IDs are not accepted). 

UW Libraries

Once students are enrolled for UW credit in a UWHS course, they will be able to borrow materials from UW Libraries. (Students who do not register for UW credit are unable to access the UW Libraries.) To borrow materials, students should obtain a Husky Card, which can be used as a library card (see instructions in the above section). Online resources can be accessed using the student's UW NetID (created by the student using their Student ID Number and Private Access Code, which are sent at the time of registration). Access to the library system is valid for the duration of the UW course. 

UW Bookstore - Pack Rewards

Students with a valid Husky Card are eligible to participate in the U Bookstore rewards program, Pack Rewards

Student Support Services

Odegaard Writing & Research Center

The Odegaard Writing & Research Center is open to all members of the University of Washington community — students, staff and faculty — and features exceptional tutors and librarians, not to mention convenient hours. Schedule an appointment or drop in. The Research Help staff provides guidance with all stages of the research process, including defining a research question, exploring background information, narrowing or broadening a topic, finding appropriate sources, and identifying useful and credible information. 

Chat With A Librarian

Live chat allows students to ask questions in real time about library research and resources. Students are connected to a reference librarian. Priority is given to students, faculty and staff of the University of Washington, to State of Washington residents and to questions about the University of Washington campus and libraries. 

Disability Services Office

The Disability Services Office (DSO) provides accommodation, referral information and assistance for nonmatriculated students with a documented physical, mental or sensory disability. 

UW Resources UWHS Students Cannot Access

UW Athletic Events/IMA Membership

Students registered for courses with UWHS are not eligible to receive discounts for UW athletic events or a membership to the IMA (the on-campus gym and activity center).