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Due to high school closures and changes in how UW courses are being taught, UWHS is reviewing course contingency plans with all high schools offering UW courses. For information on the status of UW courses they are enrolled in, students should contact their high school.

Who Can Enroll

Any high school student who is academically ready may sign up to take a UW course at their school and earn high school credit. But only sophomores, juniors and seniors may register through UWHS to also earn UW credit.

Courses offered through UWHS are official UW courses and are more challenging than a typical high school course. You should be ready to spend considerable time studying outside the classroom. Most UWHS students are up for the challenge –– more than 90 percent successfully pass their course and earn UW credit.

To enroll for UW credit, you must have a B+ average in courses in the subject area or permission of the instructor. You must also have completed any prerequisite coursework. About half of the courses offered through UWHS have prerequisites. Check the course descriptions for prerequisite information.

Disability Accommodations

Any accommodations approved at your high school must also be approved for your UW courses. To make an accommodation request or obtain more information, contact the UW Disability Services Office at, 206-543-6450 (voice) or 206-685-7264 (fax).