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UW in the High School

Dropping a Course

If you registered to earn UW credit and find you’re unable to complete your UW course or aren't doing well in the course, you can choose to be dropped from the UW course. Dropping a course means you are no longer enrolled in the UW course and will not receive UW credit. You are, however, still enrolled in your high school course and will receive high school credit.

If you paid a course fee at the time you registered for UW credit, the fee will not be refunded unless you are no longer attending the high school where you registered.

How to Drop a Course

To officially request to be dropped from a course, you must email the Continuum College Registration Office at with your full name, UW Student ID number, course name, six-digit registration number and a statement indicating you wish to be dropped from the course, which is listed on the course syllabus provided by your teacher.

You can also mail this request to:

Continuum College
Registration Services
Box 45010
Seattle, WA 98145-0010

Only students can make a drop request. Requests made by parents/guardians or instructors are not accepted unless the student is no longer attending the high school and did not drop the course before leaving; in those cases, a teacher or other representative of the school can submit the drop request to the UWHS office on behalf of the student.

Once a drop request is processed, you will receive a transaction summary in the mail. An “RD” for Registrar Drop will follow the course title on your UW transcript. You will not receive a grade for the course. The course drop is a permanent action and cannot be changed once processed.

Note: There will be a notation on your UW transcript with the name and date of the course and a code indicating that the course was dropped. If later you attend UW, that will be visible to university staff. If you attend any other college or university, there will be no record of the dropped course.


The deadline for you to request to be dropped from your course is the last day of instruction of the UW course. This date might not be the same as the last day of the semester or school year in your high school calendar. The course end date is noted on the UW course syllabus, which your teacher distributed at the beginning of the course. Ask your teacher if you did not save a copy of the UW syllabus.

Whether you are enrolled in a single course or several courses, you can request to be dropped from one course, some courses, or all courses up until the last day of instruction for each course. If you do not request to be dropped from a course by the last day of instruction, your teacher will still have to submit a final UW grade for you, and that grade may be a failing grade. This grade is recorded on your permanent UW transcript.