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Due to high school closures and changes in how UW courses are being taught, UWHS is reviewing course contingency plans with all high schools offering UW courses. For information on the status of UW courses they are enrolled in, students should contact their high school.

How to Become a Partner School

Each school or school district decides which UW courses to offer through UWHS, taking into consideration what would work best for their students and with their current course offerings.

If you would like to become a partner school, here are some questions to consider:

  • Which teachers are interested in teaching and qualified to teach the UW courses?
  • How will UW courses fit alongside other advanced courses?
  • Will there be sufficient demand for UW courses? At least four students must register through UWHS for a course to be offered for UW credit.
  • Will your school or students be able to purchase any necessary textbooks?
  • Will the school be able to subsidize students who cannot afford to register for UW credit?
  • What is the school or district process and timeline for approval to offer a UW course? 

Steps to Becoming a Partner School

The first step to becoming a partner school is for teachers to apply to become a UWHS teacher for the course or courses they want to teach. Not every course accepts teacher applications every year. 

Once a teacher has been approved and trained by the UW department offering the course, he or she is eligible to teach the course for UW credit.

Schools and school districts that plan to offer UW courses through UWHS sign a local agreement with UWHS in August before the school year begins.

Note that the approval to teach the course stays with the teacher. If the teacher changes schools, their former school can only continue offering the course for UW credit if the new teacher goes through the approval and training process.